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We have a variety including:
  • Sandy Loam
  • Cushion Soil
  • Compost
  • Custom Mixes

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  • If you have a sandy loam soil condition, you have few limitations as to what you can plant and expect.

  • Sandy loam with a balance of organic matter is an ideal soil that holds air, water, and nutrients. It has loose texture and a rich earthy color. Unlike a high concentration of clay, the texture of sandy loam allows oxygen and moisture to reach the roots of the plants.  The sand allows adequate drainage of excess water and the loam retains moisture for plants to use later.

  • Sandy loam soil is great for the farmer or backyard vegetable gardener if planting produce such as melons, tomatoes, okra, squash, citrus, and persimmon do well in the warmer climates. You can choose from a wide range of vegetables and fruits with this type of soil.
Soil is identified in three different categories, “clay and silt”, “loam”, and “sandy loam”